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At Mares Dental Clinic we know how important it is to maintain good dental health, so we offer you the best professionals to ensure success in your dental treatment and all this always at the best prices.

Our success is based on care, closeness and warmth with each patient, always offering the latest advances in oral technology.

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Formed by a group of specialist in dentistry with extensive experience.

Periodontics and Implants, UCV, Venezuela

Dra. Maria Fabiola Paredes

General Manager

UCE General Dentist

Dra. Marquiel Baldemora

Dental Hygienist

Lcda. Maryangel Perdomo

UASD General Dentist.
Endodontics CPO Bauru, Brazil

Dra. Paola Soriano

PCMN General Dentist

Dra. Amirna Escarraman

PCMM General Dentist. Periodontics and Implantology UNIBE

Dr. Gilberto Molina

Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Dario Contreras Hospital.

Dr. Miguel Custodio

UM Oral Surgery, Mexico. Endodontics UNIBE

Dra. Saribelys Acevedo

General Dentist Pediatric Dentistry

Dra. Melania García

UASD General Dentist. UCSD Oral Rehabilitation / Prosthodontics.

Dra. Sharine Rivas

Thank you very much for the professional and affectionate treatment that my family and I have received! They have given us total confidence and security! We have placed our dental and aesthetic well-being in the best hands of all of Punta Cana and Bávaro! We will always recommend you!

Once again our gratitude for such a wonderful team!

Julio Moreno

I share how was my experience at the Mares Punta Cana dental center; From the beginning the treatment so close It makes you be very calm when undergoing any dental intervention, in my case the experience was very good since the tranquility of being in good hands makes you immediately feel at home.

I highly recommend that everyone put themselves in the hands of these wonderful dentists.

Jose Montoro

Basically here I am calm, 1st, and 2nd with cleanliness, with everything in general, I find myself as one of the best there is in Punta Cana, I have seen many, but they are the best, the number 1 here in the area, because tooth care is the basis of everything.

Enrico Venecia